Keep Your Engine From Overheating

An overheated engine can land your car on the side of the road or even in the Crosby, TX salvage yard. The radiator, water pump, and thermostat all work together to ensure your engine operates at a safe temperature. Fortunately, maintaining your car's cooling system is quite simple.

When your temperature gauge reveals your engine has overheated, you may be tempted to pull over and add water to your radiator. Water alone won’t provide enough cooling power and can leave undesirable mineral deposits in your engine. Instead, use the coolant and water mixture recommended by the manufacturer in your owner's manual.

Another important piece of information from your owner's manual is the recommended schedule for maintenance. Keeping up with this repair schedule will ensure your car’s optimal performance. Our Friendly Ford of Crosby team would be pleased to provide the cooling system service your vehicle needs.

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