The new Ford Expedition is a class act, to say the least. This modern-day beast is also a road warrior because it rides smoothly, and its engine is high powered. Consumers will have access to an abundance of amenities, advancements, and more. Ford even offers the new Expedition in various trim levels.

The Ford Expedition has a massive interior that offers exceptional legroom and headroom. This uncluttered cabin is worth its weight in gold because it's filled with high-quality components. The vehicle's leather-appointed seats will provide a copious amount of comfort. We can't forget to mention that the Expedition can seat up to eight individuals in its cabin. The SUV's 4G LTE Wi-Fi will allow your passengers to surf the web, check emails, and visit social media sites. There are also USB ports as well as wireless charging.

You can get a free test drive of the new Expedition by simply visiting our location.

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