Explore Your Options for Adventure in the Ford Ranger

Even though the Ford Ranger is a midsize truck, it delivers several adventure qualities that make it fun to drive in Crosby, TX and off the road. The steel frame and chassis designed for off-road driving provide a sturdy vehicle that can navigate even the toughest terrain.

When you're driving on roads that aren't paved, you might need the benefit of a 4x4 truck. You can easily engage the 4x4 option in the Ford Ranger by turning a dial and then turning it back when you're driving on paved roads again. There are two modes available depending on the specific driving conditions.

The Trail Control feature in the Ford Ranger allows for maintaining a safe speed while on driving adventures. The feature will regulate the throttle as well as the braking of each wheel so that you have better control of the truck at a speed that is manageable, allowing you to enjoy your driving adventures. When you visit Friendly Ford of Crosby, you can take a test drive of the truck to learn about more of the features available.

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