Ford Fiesta ST Performance Features

The Ford Fiesta ST is a leader in its class. If you’re in need of a small sedan, but you don’t want to sacrifice your vehicle’s sportiness, then your search will certainly start and end at the all-new Ford Fiesta ST. The Ford Fiesta ST is daring, flirty, and solid.

This vehicle has an attractive appearance that will force you to be in the spotlight no matter where you are. The current year Fiesta ST model has a rear spoiler, roof rails, an aggressive fascia, and large tires. The tires on the ST increase the vehicle's performance.

Unlike most vehicles in its class, the Ford Fiesta ST is defensible and can be driven in all weather conditions. The Fiesta ST is available in all drive trains and can be driven even in the most terrible conditions. The Ford Fiesta ST is a solid vehicle that is perfect for almost anyone!

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