Looking at The Capability Features of the 2019 Ford Escape SUV

The latest Ford Escape SUV is built for the person or family with the on-the-go lifestyle. It has a lot of strong performance features, but some of the things that drivers appreciate the most are the seating features and the cargo storage.

Obviously, someone who is looking at purchasing an SUV is highly interested in the amount of space that they can get out of a vehicle that they are purchasing. They want to either be able to tow their family around or take things such as camping equipment and the like. No matter what your plans are for the Ford Escape SUV you are going to find that it provides you with what you need.

Don't think that you are giving up on power just because you are buying an SUV. This particular SUV actually has 245 horsepower. This means you have plenty of performance and at the same time plenty of storage all in one vehicle.

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