See How the Ford Taurus Can Keep You Safe

If safety is important to you when you're buying a new car, consider the Ford Taurus. This popular full-size sedan is available with some unique features that are designed to help you stay alert. Some of the most useful are the Lane-Keeping Alert and Lane-Keeping Assist.

These features are available for Limited and SHO models at Friendly Ford of Crosby in Crosby, TX. The Lane-Keeping Alert system uses cameras and sensors to watch the road as you drive. It's operational in any lighting condition. As you drive, the system makes note of where the car is in between the lines. If you start to accidentally drift out of these confines, the steering wheel will vibrate. These vibrations simulate driving over rumble strips.

The Lane-Keeping Assist feature may kick in if you move into the next lane without a turn signal on. It provides automatic steering torque to guide you back to your own lane so that you can stay safe.

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