Supporting the Move Over Law

The move over law is a life saver for those individuals who risks their lives to save ours. Tow truck drivers, officers, ambulance and firefighters - you see these individuals on the side of the road attending to citizens quite frequently. There have been many deaths associated to motorists hitting these individuals. As motorists approached these vehicles on the side of the road, they didn’t provide them with enough room to do their jobs safely. What a disappointment.

The move over law is designed to ensure that motorists slow down and change lanes when approaching a vehicle with emergency flashing lights. There are many Americans who are unaware of this law, 71%, according to Mason Dixon Rolling and Research. As long as this law is spread around to the citizens, we can save more lives of the individuals who saves ours. The Friendly Ford of Crosby dealership is an avid supporter of this law. Learn more at our showroom!

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