Dangers of Improper Tire Pressure

If tires don't have enough pressure, it may cause friction between the tire and the road. This creates friction that can lead to a blowout. If tires have too much pressure, they may wear in an uneven fashion and faster than they otherwise would. Therefore, it is critical to keep a close eye on a tire's pressure at all times.

Drivers can determine proper tire pressure by checking their owners manual. It may also be possible to check with the manufacturer of a tire to determine the proper pressure. Tire pressure can be checked in a matter of seconds with a manual or electric gauge.

If necessary, air should be added or removed from the tire to get it back to its optimal pressure. Bringing your vehicle to our service center at Friendly Ford of Crosby in Crosby, TX can make it easier for drivers to keep their tires in good condition throughout the year.

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