Maintenance Tips for your Headlights

The headlights on your car can become foggy or cloudy overtime. Exposure to the environment and sunshine causes this discoloration. Restoring the lens is a special cleaning and buffing process. It also requires specific cleaning solution. Plain old soap and water will not do the trick.

It is important to keep the lenses clear. If the lenses are too cloudy, the headlight will not shine bright enough. Headlight restoration is a common maintenance on a vehicle. It goes hand in hand with changing the bulbs and replacing or repairing cracked headlamps.

Today's headlight bulbs come in many varieties. They can be halogen, LED, or HID. Each bulb has a benefit and a disadvantage, and each bulb shines differently. LED bulbs last a long time, longer than halogen, and HIDs have a different glare.

If you need help with your headlights, contact our service center here at Friendly Ford of Crosby in Crosby, TX to discuss your options.

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