Transmission Systems in the Ford F-150

Every powerful engine needs to be paired up with a complementary transmission system. In the new Ford F-150, you can get a versatile system that's capable of improving your power and performance. The popular pickup truck is available at Friendly Ford of Crosby in Crosby, TX with a 10-speed automatic transmission.

This transmission is used on models that have one of the three EcoBoost engine options, the V8 engine, or the diesel engine. The gears are spaced relatively far apart to give you better performance no matter how fast you're going. You'll experience more acceleration in the low and mid-range gears. When you're driving in the higher gears, you may get better fuel economy.

The transmission also has three overdrive gears. To give you more driving options, trucks with this equipment are capable of driving in many different modes. You can switch between five different driving modes based on the job you're doing and the condition of the road ahead.

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