Spectacular and Spacious Design with Thoughtful Detail

With summer right around the corner, it’s time to think about packing up the family for a getaway! Why not plan a family getaway in a new 2018 Ford Flex? The popular three-row midsize SUV is the perfect solution to fit the entire family and even a few extra companions!

The stunning interior of the Flex is crafted with many highlights of wood finishes, including a leather-wrapped steering wheel with an attractive-looking wood inlay. It’s clear that Ford wanted to impress upon an owner of the Flex that the company was being thoughtful when the SUV was being designed. The detail is superb! Additionally, the Multipanel Vista Roof covers all three rows of seats, making it a perfect design for summer travel so that everyone gets a view of the clear blue sky!

You’re invited to come by Friendly Ford of Crosby in Crosby, TX to take a test drive and see why the 2018 Ford Flex is so spectacular!

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