Do You Fasten Your Seatbelt When Taking a Cab in Houston?

We all want to reach our destinations safely—that's why we always buckle up when we drive. However, according to a new IIHS study, that concern seems to go out the window when we hail a taxi.

While 91 percent of survey respondents say they always wear a seatbelt in the front seat of a car, only 72 percent say the same when they ride in back. The statistic gets even worse when riding in vehicles-for-hire, like a Houston Yellow Cab or Lyft. Only 57 percent say they use safety belts in a taxi, meaning nearly half of riders are going unprotected.

This is, frankly, a terrible idea.

Many survey respondents who said they don't buckle up in the back seat give their reasoning as "rear seats are safer." Perhaps they believe there is less risk of going flying through the windshield. However, even in the back seat, you will go flying somewhere. In many cases, that somewhere is right into the back of the driver's seat—an impact which often kills the driver.

Stay safe, and protect other vehicle occupants by always wearing a seatbelt, even in a taxi.

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